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Hello, fellow Yulegoat! Thank you again for volunteering for this momentous undertaking. I'm so glad that we were paired up, and I am grateful that you've gifted me with your talent and time this yuletide. You are fantastic and a big damned hero in my eyes. Many cheers!

In general: I'm really up for anything. I mean, I read the Care Bears BDSM fic and was more amused than squicked. Death!fic can be okay, fluffy slice of life fic can be okay. This year I'm leaning toward a more fluffy, family-oriented holiday theme, just because it's been a tough year for me. No worries if that doesn't float your boat! My main concern is that you treat the characters right and write them a story that fits with their canon. I just ask for good fic, for the characters to be loved and treated well, and for you to have fun with this. Thank you for my wonderful gift, Yuletide Wonderperson. The fact that you signed up for one of my fandoms makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I love sharing this fandom with you.

So, in terms of fandoms:

Young Wizards: Kit, Ronan

Kit and Ronan are two of my favorites in the YW-verse. Kit post Wizards at War, post Poncho, post everything that he had going on, gets me right in the feels. I love Ronan and his emo-pain and his inferiority complex and his snark. Set this anywhere in the book series, or even beyond the book series. I love jealous/uncertain Kit and now-alone-again Ronan and how they both deal with their losses in their own not-admitting-to-inner-hurt ways. Their banter was awesome in Wizard of Mars and in Lifeboats, so I'd love to see this continue somehow. Or show how they got to be this way, from those awkward meetings in Wizard Abroad to their chumminess in Wizards at War. Bonus points for sibiks. Because, like Kit's temporary pet, I would like another more cracker.

Dark is Rising: Will

Will is a complicated, old soul. He puts on a placid, coping face, but I'd love to see the break in that. Does he doubt his status as an Old One, or the Light? How does he really cope after everyone -- including Bran -- loses their memory. I'll be honest, I ship Bran/Will like I ship Arthur/Merriman. There's something romantic about the idea of Will as the last bastian of the light. How will he grow into his role? What destiny will he fulfill? Will the others remember? Will someone be there to keep him company in his days?

Damar: Gonturan

Honestly, this possibility hadn't even occurred to me til I saw the character tags. I hate to say it, but this is my bucket list (no pressure). I have loved Damar, and Luthe, for eons. I have wanted to know the backstory of Gonturan for eons. Seriously, over two decades. I would love to see where Luthe found Gonturan in his travels in the 'east.' I would love to see Harry or Aerin's further adventures with the sword. Or how the royal house of Damar found out that men can't wield her past their twenty-first year without consequences. Who is she, and why is she such a powerful sword in her own right? How does she affect those around her? Does she choose the wielder? Is she somehow related to Aerin-sol's mother? I would lovelovelove you to explore this story.


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