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Hello, fellow Yulegoat! Thank you again for volunteering for this momentous undertaking. I'm so glad that we were paired up, and I am grateful that you've gifted me with your talent and time this yuletide. You are fantastic and a big damned hero in my eyes. Many cheers!

In general: I'm really up for anything. I mean, I read the Care Bears BDSM fic and was more amused than squicked. Death!fic can be okay, fluffy slice of life fic can be okay. AU crossover fic, well, then we need to talk. I just ask for good fic, for the characters to be loved and treated well, and for you to have fun with this. Thank you for my wonderful gift, Yuletide Wonderperson. The fact that you signed up for one of my fandoms makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I love sharing this fandom with you.

So, in terms of fandoms:

Dark is Rising - Bran Davies, Will Stanton

Bran, Wales, growing up. Bonus for Will helping Bran fill the loneliness inside. Even more bonus if Bran remembers the aftermath of Silver on the Tree. :) One of the reasons why I love Bran is because he's an outcast both in terms of where he's growing up (rural Wales) and in terms of Time. The valleys around Cader Idris are isolated and lonely, and I'd love to know what it was like for Bran to grow up there, especially not quite fitting in. Did he have some sense of Destiny or feel even more out of place than most adolescents? Why did he go out of his way to affect such an 'outsider' persona? Would there have been a difference if Bran had grown up in another place/time/with other people and does he think about that? I'm not asking for an AU, or even something pre/post series. I'd love to see some kind of introspection on Bran's part -- or even from Owen or John's part -- on this strange child they've all raised. I'm up for slash (Will/Bran) or gen fic, as long as it focuses on Bran in some way.

Young Wizards - Tom and Carl

In my heart, Tom and Carl have been partners in every sense of the world for decades. As the adult wizards, I feel like we don't get to see enough of them. They are Nita and Kit's future (and Ronan and Dairine and Carmela and everyone else...), and I'd love to see more of how adults deal with the amount of mayhem and crap that comes with wizardry. How does it affect their relationship? I will be honest. I'd love slash. But if you see them as platonic, write them as platonic. I just want to see them being them, domestic them, vignette them. Fluff, dark fic, death fic, what-have-you. Just Tom and Carl being Tom and Carl. Bonus points if you explain what Carl meant by there being one price higher than lifeprice in Deep Wizardry... ;)

Emelan - Briar, Rosethorn, Evvy

These three really gelled for me in Battle Magic, and I'd love to see how its aftermath played out on them. This would probably be a more serious fic, though fluffy stuff to fight the darkness of PTSD is good too. I love the characters and I'd love to see them as a family, playing up the bond between them now that they've survived war. This doesn't need to be fluffy and light, but it can be, if you want/need it to be. BTW, I kinda hated Melting Stones, so you can ignore that, if you want to. ;)

Outlaws of Sherwood - Cecil/Cecily

Just more of her! She's such an awesome character that I'd love backstory or futurefic or anything in between. Just more please! How was it to grow up under the shadow of her brothers? Throw in some gender issues if you'd like, since Cecily obviously goes beyond Marian's attempts to write her own destiny and takes more drastic measures. Cecily came at us so quickly toward the end of the book that I feel like we didn't get to know her well enough.

Oxford Time Travel Verse - Kivrin, Colin, Dunworthy

Oh, my favorite timetraveling trio. I'm a medievalist at heart (and by trade), so Kivrin lives my ultimate dream (and nightmare) and Dunworthy is the adviser I wish I had. And Colin's just awesome. I would love to see some academic mayhem between the three of them, or between Colin and Kivrin and Dunworthy having to pick up the pieces/deal with the aftermath. Have fun with this! Have fun with history!

Thank you again, Yuletide Wonderperson. You've made my year by sharing my love of fandom, and I'll be forever grateful to you.


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