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Kara would like to be the Sheriff of Nottingham. If she can't have that job, she'll settle for being a college professor by day and god of her own fantasy world at night. Or J. R. R. Tolkien. Throwback to her Viking ancestors. Worships Shakespeare under the light of the full moon. Likes pretty boys, especially with other pretty boys. Barbarian on Saturdays.
Strengths: Creative, marches to the beat of her own bodhran, loyal to her friends, strong for her size, knows how to use a sword and give a good roundhouse kick. 100% pure dork.
Weaknesses: Bloodthirsty, moody, no happy medium between biatch and bouncing off the walls, weakness for cookies, puppies, and pretty boys. Hard to please. Has been called high-strung. Suffers from a short attention span.
Special Skills: chop-saki style thai kickboxing, slashing and hacking with a sword, reciting Beowulf in Old English, cursing in five different languages
Weapons: short sword, broad sword, jab-cross-knee-elbow combo, biting wit.
Motto: Ic gefremman sceal eorlic ellen, othe endedaeg on thisse meoduhealle minne gebidan!
--Beowulf lines 636-8

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