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I feel like a small child, squeeing with glee. Who'm I trying to kid? I'm a giant dancing dork when it comes to Yuletide. This is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season, and it's all because of you, Yuletide Wonderperson! You wrote a story just for me, and I'll be grateful for that for the rest of the year. :)

So! My requests, let me show you them!

Samurai Champloo - I am an otaku, and I've been an otaku for far too long. I adored Samurai Champloo for its meanderings, its anachronistic vignettes of Edo Japan, and Fuu, Jin and Mugen being absolutely dysfunctional and tied together as an odd kind of family/trio/thing. Like Fuu, I don't want their journey to end. So! I don't care how you put these three characters together: slash/menage/het, I'd just like to see them together in some fashion at the end of the show, still journeying. Hell, settle them down, just make sure they're still together somehow, and still being themselves.

Young Riders - This is my first fandom. I've requested it for a few years now, and I'll just repeat last year's letter for the sake of getting new, quality fic for the fandom: I love them all equally. Well, okay, no, I don't. I love Jimmy and Lou and Teaspoon and Emma and Ike *sniffle* and Buck and Noah and Kid and Jesse and-- Okay, fine. TYR was my first fandom. Literally. Like, when I was 11. We go way back. And I didn't pick characters because, honestly, I do love them all. And I'll take fic about any of them. I had a couple suggestions (After the Express, after the war. Or, daily life at the home station.), but you don't have to stand by them. Also, slash, het, romance, whatever -- it's all good for me. Even death!fic. Since TYR kind of popped my character death cherry. *sniffles again for Ike* If you want to have a Kid/Jimmy/Lou threesome, more power to you! (Ooh, the ideas.) Just give my beloved 'boys' the passion and strength and good!fic that they deserve, and that's all I ask. As long as it's not AU High School the Musical gone Pony Express. Then I'll have to kill you with my brain.

Young Wizards - This is another fandom I've grown up with and written for and adored. Luckily, it's also a fandom that's populated by many talented writers (hello, Yuletide Wonderperson!). So, this year, I'd love to see something resolving the Roshaun issue, or Nita and Dairine bonding post the whole Nita/Kit thing or anything dealing with the aftermath of Wizards of Mars. Future-fic it! Sibling bonding! I'd prefer no deathfic, even though we know that what's loved, lives in Timeheart, so if this could be a more light-hearted/heart-warming story, I would love you forever.

Thank you again, Yuletide Wonderperson. You've made my year by sharing my love of fandom, and I'll be forever grateful to you.
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